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Our Unique Services

Executive & Leadership Coaching

Today’s leaders face unique challenges at work and at home.  That’s where a Professional Coach like Elaine who understands this first-hand can make all the difference.  Her holistic coaching and practical guidance will support you in being a more balanced, innovative, effective and mindful leader.
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Holistic Career & Life Coaching

Do you often feel stressed, overwhelmed or exhausted?  Are your relationships,  health/wellness or quality of life suffering?  Elaine has definitely been there!  Her personalized programs can help you create a more balanced, healthy, positive and fulfilling life at work and home!   Learn More

Organizational Consulting Services

Elaine has over 30 years of Organization & Leadership Development expertise in both fortune 200 companies and entrepreneurial environments.  She consults on a variety of topics including leadership effectiveness, talent development & engagement and creative ways to optimize your work culture.   Learn More

Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Invite Elaine and her dynamic presence to your next organizational event.  She speaks on a multitude of leadership, interpersonal effectiveness and employee wellness topics that appeal to busy professionals and high-performing organizations.  All engagements are customized to meet your needs.

Meditation & Mindfulness Programs at Work

Does your organization value and promote employee wellness?  Elaine’s unique programs are the perfect way to help reduce stress, improve morale and create a more positive, balanced workplace for all.  She makes it easy to integrate the power of mindfulness into  your daily work activities.

Mindfulness Mentoring with Elaine

Elaine embraces mindfulness as a powerful way of life!  Work with her as your personal coach and mentor.  Learn simple yet powerful techniques that will bring more balance, clarity, peace and possibility to all areas of your life.  Choose from weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and immersion session options.

What makes us different?

We are like a “breath of fresh air” in the career services industry.  At Career Ascension, we use a holistic approach that addresses your professional success and personal growth for optimal benefit.

We support individual and organizational clients like YOU to integrate the power of “mindfulness” in all that you do.  Through the practice of BEing mindful, more of your talent, creativity and presence can flow into your daily work activities, relationships and leadership.  Additionally, you feel more balanced, positive and empowered at work and in life.

Through mindfulness, clients like YOU can feel freer, shine brighter and be true to your unique potential!

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