About Elaine

Elaine Kempski Holistic Career Coach, Certified Life Coach, Speaker & Co-Creator

Elaine Kempski

Leadership Coach, Organizational Consultant
& Entrepreneur

What was the biggest career-related challenge you have experienced?

Even though I was “successful” by today’s standards (outer accomplishments, leadership roles and material abundance), I felt a lack of deeper meaning and purpose in my career.  Yes, I had a proven track record of designing and leading large-scale change across Fortune 200 companies.  Yet, I yearned to create something unique, creative and powerful that made a bigger difference in the world and in people’s lives.  It became increasingly difficult and painful to carry that “split” inside myself between what my mind said was practical and acceptable and what my heart and soul knew were possible.

What happened when you were faced with your “moment of truth”?

For me, it was a significant “defining moment” – not just in my career but in my life.  Back in 2008, through a culmination of events, I was faced with the decision to leave a corporate career that I had built and known for 23 years.  I knew it would be a life-altering decision as it meant walking away from a senior leadership position, six-figure salary and full-benefits package during one of the worst economic downturns.  What I didn’t know back then was that beyond all my fears and doubts, there was a whole new life waiting for me to have the courage to show up to it.  I’m blessed to say that trust (not fear) ultimately won out.  In November of 2008, I chose to take my power back by walking away (without a package) from a corporate life I had painfully outgrown and take a huge leap of faith into the unknown.

What did you need to face in order to move into the unknown?

I had to face my strong resistance to change and the long-held fears within me.  I had to find certainty in the only place you really can – on the inside.  I also needed to release my doubts, perfectionism (fear in disguise) and harsh self-judgments that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough or worthy enough to have a better life.  By embracing my inner work, I began to trust myself on a deeper level and experience more space within for new possibilities.  I started giving myself the permission, support and freedom needed to create a life and career that fulfilled me more holistically – that is, personally, professionally and spiritually.

What was the biggest blessing you have gained?

The biggest blessing has been a whole new WAY OF LIFE!  I’ve learned that change happens from the inside out.  That there is incredible power in our conscious awareness, beliefs, intentions, daily choices and inspired actions.  I have learned the power of saying “YES” to myself and that in any given moment (like this one – right here, right now), I can make a different choice and create something more desirable, enjoyable in my life.  For it is IN that “inner yes” that the seeds of change are planted deep within us – seeds from which new possibilities can take root in our hearts, minds, careers and lives.

How has mindfulness supported you in creating the career and life you have today?

It has been a significant and integral part of my inner and outer transformation, particularly over the past 8 years.  It has helped me recognize the difference between the voice of my ego (which is always harsh, judgmental, critical, and negative) and the voice of my true Self (which is infinitely loving, gentle, powerful and wise).  It has also helped me realize that life is truly a journey and that when I’m overly focused on the destination, I miss the blessings that are IN the journey itself.  Through the power of mindfulness, I am living my deepest and most heart-felt desire:  To BE an inspirational light for healing, growth and transformation in the world!

What are your favorite mindfulness practices?

  • Spending time in nature  (walking, meditating, appreciating and BEing present)
  • Yoga  (on the mat and as “a way of life!”)
  • Breath work  (the miracle of slow, deep conscious breath)
  • Self-care  (stillness, rest, calming music and soaking in the tub)
  • Surrender  (the art of allowing and cultivating deep inner trust)