About Us

Career Ascension:  A “Breath of Fresh Air” in the Career Services Industry

At Career Ascension, our holistic approach addresses your professional success and personal growth while integrating the power and benefits of mindfulness!  So why is mindfulness so important in our careers and organizations today?  As you practice BEing mindful, more of your strengths, talents and creativity naturally flow into your daily work activities, team efforts and leadership.  Because you are more fully engaged and focused in the moment (on what’s happening right here, right now), you are ultimately more present and effective.  You often feel more energized, empowered and confident as well.  That’s the power of mindfulness and how clients like YOU can shine brighter, feel freer and be true to your unique potential!

At Career Ascension, we are passionate about supporting:

1)  Teams & Organizations that want to elevate their leadership, team collaboration and work culture in a more mindful, focused and effective way.  Through our consulting services, we provide proven strategies, practices and support — all customized to meet your specific needs.  We also offer unique mindfulness and meditation programs that promote wellness, improve morale and create a more positive, balanced workplace for all.

2)  Executives & Business Entrepreneurs who want to partner with a Professional Coach (and prior Senior Leader) that truly understands the unique challenges you face at work and home.  Our personalized coaching programs give you the practical and genuine support you deserve to be a more balanced, innovative, effective and mindful leader.

3)  Millennial & Upcoming Leaders who want to partner with a Professional Coach that supports you in realizing your career goals/passions and life vision.  Our powerful coaching programs are designed to inspire, compassionately challenge and empower Millennial Leaders just like you!

4)  Talented Professionals who want to progress in their careers while honoring their need for balance and flexibility.  Our holistic coaching programs address your personal and professional growth, helping you to maintain a healthier lifestyle, nurture positive relationships and live a more fulfilling life!