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Elaine Kempski Holistic Career Coach, Certified Life Coach, Speaker & Co-Creator

Elaine Kempski

Leadership Coach, Holistic Career Coach & Organizational Consultant

If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed, exhausted or all three, you are NOT alone!  Many talented professionals today (moms, dads, singles alike) are struggling to find more clarity, balance and fulfillment in their  lives.  Have you thought to yourself recently:  “There has got to be a better way to live!”  And you would be RIGHT! 

I have definitely been there.  Years ago, I was “successful” by today’s standards — had a 23-year corporate career, senior leadership role, six-figure salary, full-benefits package, beautiful home…  Yet, on the inside, I was completely stressed and burned out.  So I know first-hand how frustrating, painful and even scary it can be to live that way every day.  That’s why I am so passionate about supporting professionals like you who are ready to say “YES” to themselves and a better way of life at work and at home.

My personal journey and those of my clients have taught me well!  I’ve learned how the power of mindfulness, conscious choice, regular self-care, genuine support and inspired action can completely transform our lives.  Yes, clients find that their lives are more enjoyable, relaxed and fulfilling.  They ALSO find that they are more balanced, creative and effective at work (so much so that others notice and are curious).  It happens through our coaching partnership:  one awareness, one decision and one step at a time!  So say “YES” to YOU today and let’s get started.

Elaine’s Holistic Career & Life Coaching includes:

*  Clarity on your personal priorities (includes putting YOU at the top of the list)
*  Simple yet powerful mindfulness tips that will assist you at work
*  Breath techniques that immediately help calm the mind and body
*  New possibilities and ways of being at work, home and in your relationships
*  Practical support around how to create more work/life balance
*  Regular self-care routines that promote health/wellness, emotional balance and inner peace
*  Guidance on how to shift “limiting” beliefs to those that are more positive and empowering
Compassionate, confidential “sounding board” for you to share work/life challenges


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