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Elaine Kempski Holistic Career Coach, Certified Life Coach, Speaker & Co-Creator

Elaine Kempski

Leadership Coach, Holistic Career Coach & Organizational Consultant

Elaine brings over 30 years of Organization & Leadership Development experience:  23 years leading change initiatives across fortune 200 companies and 8 years coaching business leaders/owners and professionals on how to be more mindful, confident, empowered and effective.

This allows her to quickly understand your organizational challenges with compassion, clarity and insight.  It also results in her bringing clients immediate and practical strategies for improvement.  Additionally, her holistic approach includes easy  ways to integrate mindfulness and its benefits of improved focus, creativity and effectiveness into your daily work activities.

Elaine’s highly innovative and collaborative leadership style allow her to become an integral part of your company/team during consulting engagements and help bring about sustainable change at the individual, team and organizational levels.

Elaine’s Primary Areas of Expertise include:

*  Leadership Effectiveness
*  Talent Development & Engagement
*  Diversity & Inclusion
*  Large-scale Change Initiatives
*  Organizational & Process Design
*  Continuous Improvement Strategies
*  Training Design & Facilitation
*  Mindfulness & Meditation Programs at Work

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