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Elaine Kempski Holistic Career Coach, Certified Life Coach, Speaker & Co-Creator

Elaine Kempski

Leadership Coach, Holistic Career Coach & Organizational Consultant

As a trusted coach to Business Entrepreneurs, Executives and Millennial Leaders alike, I bring 23 years experience leading high-impact change initiatives across Fortune 200 companies.  On a deeper level, my leadership success was built on coaching and supporting people to embrace, grow and thrive through change.  My greatest fulfillment came from partnering with leaders at all levels – executives, middle managers, team leaders and employees – from diverse backgrounds and disciplines.  Being on the front-lines of change for so long helped me understand the unique opportunities and challenges that come with leadership, human dynamics and organizational life.

In 2008, I took a major “leap of faith” by leaving corporate to follow the calling of my strong entrepreneurial spirit.  Today, as a Professional Coach and Organizational Consultant, I bring a holistic approach to coaching leaders that values their personal and professional lives while integrating the power and benefits of mindfulness.  My clients find this approach deeply empowering, compassionately challenging and highly effective.  Now, I inspire and support leaders like you to bring your unique vision, creativity and talent to all that you do so your organization, employees and communities can truly thrive!

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As a Senior or Executive-Level Professional, you face unique challenges in the workplace and at home.  Even the most successful leaders today can find themselves feeling isolated, overwhelmed, exhausted or unsupported.  That’s where partnering with a Professional Coach who truly understands and can provide both practical and personal support makes all the difference!  Through our customized programs, Executives and Senior Leaders like you can receive the comprehensive coaching you deserve to:

  • Be a more balanced, multi-faceted, innovative and effective leader
  • Build collaborative relationships with clients, employees and organizational leaders
  • Openly share ideas/challenges, explore creative options and strategize best practices
  • Gain valuable insights, greater clarity and a broader perspective on issues/challenges
  • Develop mutually-beneficial partnerships and strategic alliances
  • Create a healthier balance between your personal and professional lives
  • Partner with an experienced senior leader as your personal advocate, mentor and coach
  • Receive practical guidance and support that is direct, positive and compassionately honest

  (For Professionals 22-35)

As an upcoming or future leader, you are essential to the growth and success of organizations and communities alike!  Yet, many talented millennials can find themselves feeling challenged, confused or overwhelmed with how to effectively navigate their careers.  That’s where partnering with a Professional Coach who understands your specific goals, challenges and vision can make all the difference!  Our personalized coaching programs are designed to inspire, support and empower Millennial Leaders like you to:

  • Gain more confidence in how you communicate, lead and partner to achieve results
  • Develop your leadership strengths, core values and unique style
  • Openly share your creative ideas and specific concerns in a safe, confidential place
  • Create more of what you want in your personal and professional lives
  • Understand, embrace and effectively work through issues/challenges
  • Take inspired action toward achieving your goals and aspirations
  • Explore different leadership paths (individual contributor, people manager, etc.)
  • Partner with an experienced leader as your personal advocate, coach and mentor